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Friday, February 27, 2015

First Thoughts

In this, the first official post to the blog of Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy, I want to simply outline the objective for the blog. Consistent with our objective to promote business relationships between Americans and Palestinians resulting in Positive Investment in Palestine. We will be featuring success stories of Palestinian businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, report stories of interest to those seeking to make a positive impact on the Palestinian economy, and will provide the back story for companies and individuals our team identifies as investment opportunities within the Occupied West Bank and Gaza. In addition to our own content, we will repost or provide links to stories outlining business successes as we find them and will provide links to economic data reported from various sources on the economic outlook in Palestine.

To that end, here is a link to the January Investor Newsletter for the Palestine Exchange which is the public stock exchange in Palestine. The newsletter provides an index, top gainers and losers as well as numerous other indicators related to publicly traded stocks on the Palestine Exchange. Public companies provide numerous jobs within the Occupied West Bank and Gaza and are an important segment of the economy.