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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Economic independence grows at Palestinian mushroom farm

"In a corrugated iron building a few miles from Jericho’s town center, rows of dirt trays are stacked floor to ceiling. Inside the trays, soft white mushrooms grow under florescent lights.
Women in matching aprons and colorful headscarves pick the day’s harvest and package the small bulbs neatly into small plastic containers, ready to be delivered to shops across the occupied West Bank.
“There was no Palestinian mushroom in the Palestinian market, so all our consumption of fresh mushrooms would come from the Israeli market — and our philosophy is against that,” Mahmoud Kuhail, the thirty-year-old co-founder of Amoro Agriculture and owner of the mushroom farm, told The Electronic Intifada."

 In the following video produced by Rosie Lyse-Thomas, the entrepreneur  mushroom farmer articulates how a successful new business can be developed in the face of occupation.  He articulates why developing new businesses to serve the Palestinian market as well as for export are empowering peaceful resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

For the full text of the original article click here

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