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Friday, September 4, 2015

Turning Water Into Wine

The Taybeh Vinfest, West Bank
Taybeh, the last Christian village in the West Bank, is well-known for its brewery and annual Oktoberfest. Late last year, the family that owns the brewery launched a winery. The first Taybeh wine festival (the Taybeh Vinfest) was held at the end of February. The Khoury family has always claimed that developing the local economy is their way of putting up peaceful resistance and encouraging Palestinians to stay in – or return to – their native home instead of going abroad in search of better opportunities.
The Taybeh Golden Hotel's sleek glass walls and neoclassical-inspired facade would blend anonymously into the background of most streets in Paris or London. But in the sleepy West Bank village of Taybeh, its brightly lit, chandelier-clad lobby is unlikely to go unnoticed.
One family in Taybeh is determined to turn this small village 20 kilometres north of Jerusalem, the
only remaining Christian enclave in the West Bank and home to some 1,400 people, into a tourism hub in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Nadim Khoury returned from Boston to his native Taybeh after the Oslo Accords, taking advantage of the climate of temporary stability to set up the successful brewery that first put the village on the map. The yearly Oktoberfest that began in 2005 drew visitors in their thousands.

For the rest of the story by Ylenia Gostoli of click here:

Canaan Khoury at the Taybeh winery. Khoury, a 23-year-old Harvard University graduate, was put in charge of the new winery in November 2015 by his father, who returned from Boston to his native Taybeh after the Oslo Accords to set up the family's successful brewery


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