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Friday, July 15, 2016

AVPE Holds Board Meeting in Chicago



Effort To Connect American And Palestinian Businesses

Successfully Concludes Board Meeting In Chicago

Chicago, IL (July 12, 2016) – The board of directors for Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE), a non profit organization based in Illinois, successfully concluded a two-day board meeting in Orland Park. In addition to the Chicago-based board members, other members present came from Detroit, Michigan, Ames, Iowa, Saint CloudMinnesota, Boston, Massachusetts, and as far away as Ramallah, Palestine.
AVPE board members meeting in Orland Park, Illinois
During the meeting over twenty business opportunities from Palestine were reviewed in hopes of connecting these opportunities to partners and investors in America. Some of the opportunities revolve around products such as chocolate covered dates, greeting cards, advanced pipe systems and innovative plastic products, abrasives tools, jewelry and souvenirs from the Holy Land, among many others.
AVPE Chairman Sam Bahour, who is originally from Youngstown, Ohio and now resides in Palestine, said, “This board meeting was a pivotal step in our efforts to build business relationships between Americans and Palestinians. The collective market insights that were assembled around the board table were truly impressive, as was the interest of Chicago community leaders. As we reach out to U.S. firms and entrepreneurs to connect them to Palestine-based business opportunities, we understand that every successful partnership made is a tangible contribution to support the Palestinian economy. We believe creating jobs in Palestine could also mean creating jobs in America, and that’s a winning game all around.”
Alongside the AVPE’s board meeting, a Greek dinner in downtown Chicago at the Parthenon Restaurant was held for a handful of community leaders. The organization’s activities were shared with the group as was an update from Palestine by Sam Bahour. The participants agreed that the dire political situation in Palestine and Israel calls for redoubling efforts to support Palestinian youth by engaging them in sustainable employment opportunities.

Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy was founded on the simple premise that positive investment in Palestine breeds hope for a better future for Palestinians through tangible economic opportunity. When impediments on the ground are lifted, these lasting business relationships will support a vibrant Palestinian economy and, in the meantime, every business transaction and job created plants another seed of hope that keeps Palestinians constructively engaged towards a future of freedom and economic independence.
For more information call: Atty. Sana'a Hussien,, +1-708-302-3030 or Sam Bahour,, +1-330-333-1726









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